Whether you’re bluesy, feeling alone, or just plain tired from the year, know that you matter.

 You ABSOLUTELY matter.

 Maybe it’s damn near impossible to see right now. Or maybe it’s been that way for longer than you can remember. Maybe people told you otherwise, maybe you heard it so often that you believed it.

 Lemme tell you now: They fucking lied to you.

 You. Matter. End stop.

Maybe they didn’t lie so much as trumpet their version of truth, a “truth” grounded in their ignorance, their short-sightedness, and their selfishness. Maybe that “truth” that they proclaimed as gospel is in fact a bullshit conclusion from a false premise.

 Come to think of it, maybe they did lie in the first place.

I’m not here with Pollyanna bullshit to blow sunshine and glitter up your ass. I’m not here to lie to you, to coddle you, to make you feel better about yourself.

 I’m here to speak one simple truth,

You matter. 

This probably won’t make you feel better; the people I’ve met who truly believe that they do not matter, who hold that belief deep in their bones, those people do not want to hear this. They don’t want the conflict of new information rubbing against long-held beliefs.

There are so few things that I know absolutely.

But I do know this: Everyone matters.

How do I know this? Because I’ve seen glimpses of the beauty of the great cosmic jigsaw puzzle; I’ve seen moments of perfect timing, perfect kindness, and perfect peace.

 Glimpses. Glances. Moments.

 Not enough, not nearly enough, but just enough to see the truth.

 Every single one of us matters.

We are all pieces in a giant cosmic puzzle, and we rarely if ever get to see the whole picture. We don’t always know how we fit with others, what the purpose behind our purpose is.

Believe me or not. It’s certainly your choice to do so, or not. I just ask that you let it steep in your brain for a little while. Consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you really do matter.

 Just consider the possibility.

 We may never know what our reason for being is; we may never know how we affect the world.

 But you are the pebble tossed into water that creates ripples.


We may never see how far-reaching those ripples are or whom they touch. We may never see the impact of our tiny, seemingly unimportant actions in the lives of others.

But you are that pebble. We are the pebbles.

And we have a very, very important purpose.

If for no other reason than the corner of the jigsaw puzzle is incomplete without us, if for no other reason than we may be the bridge between two pieces that would never fit together without us, we are important.

We may not be able to see that purpose for the darkness that surrounds us or for the noise in which we get drowned out.

But you matter. We matter.

If you are struggling, reach out. If you are fighting with depression or are just exhausted with the effort of staying alive, reach out.

You are not alone, and you matter.


If you’re wondering if I’m talking about you, especially because you don’t feel that you have meaning or purpose, I am. I most definitely am.

 I abso-fucking-lutely am.



End Stop.

Just because you might not be able to see beyond the darkness, just because you might not be able to see the gift that you are,  just waiting to be uncovered from other people’s garbage that hides your preciousness from sight, doesn’t mean that you aren’t someone’s light, that you aren’t a gift.

You, the perfect stranger with whom I’ve never interacted; you, the acquaintance I see every fourth blue moon or decade, or every day at work, you matter. 

You. Yes, you.

You fucking matter.

 Hope and light await you. But you must endure the now

to celebrate the later.


Reach out to a friend. If you can’t reach a friend, find a stranger.

There are resources to help you endure the now. Use them. They were made for you, for this time. 

The world needs you. 

Another version of this post was previously posted on an old blog of mine. I figured it was worth a repost. 

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Featured Image via: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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