It’s so important that I figured it bore saying a second time.

Life 2.0 represents a complete reboot, both of my habits and of my website so that I may refocus on what I had been trying to accomplish, once upon a time: documenting the path to a better life and cheering things and people and experiences I find worth celebrating.

I had become a complaint-monster, both consuming and spitting out negativity and bitchiness. All the time.

Which isn’t what I wanted to do. At all. That was who I had been and was but was not who I want to be.

I had become a member of the Walking Dead: rags of some previous life hanging from me, struggling to hoist myself up again and again with no success. I wasn’t in search of flesh, however, or even brains. I was in search of heart.

I just didn’t know it at the time.

So I’m rebooting, focusing on the bonds, compounds, and energy levels of change and bearing witness to solution and dissolution, to growth, decay, and transformation.

A life is built by habits, and habits are made by practice. Life 2.0 is about creating new habits, allowing those which no longer serve us to fall by the wayside, and creating the life we really want to have.

While life, as they say, has no dress rehearsal, it does allow for many practices. It’s just that sometimes we practice in front of other people.

And sometimes we fall flat on our faces.

But, if we’re lucky, we get the chance to practice again. Maybe we even get the chance to pull it off, like in one of those sports movies where the hero strikes out, practices hard and meets the right mentor, and scores the winning home run at the end of the movie.


If we’re really, really lucky. 

 Life 2.0 IS a practice.

It is the practice of creating meaningful habits that can, little by little, transform our lives.

And the practice of transformation, the process itself, is both the path and the goal.

My dream is simple: to build habits and document the process of change so that I may focus on what I really, really want to do, which is finding things worth celebrating, amplify them, and in the process, forge a creative life that is worth living.

And maybe even save the world a little along the way.

Simple, perhaps, but not easy.


You may be thinking, “So many people have done the same thing,

why should I follow *you*?


  • I have grand vision but I screw up a lot. Sometimes, it’s really, really funny. Plus, you may learn about things you may not have known about or remembered (like the flux capacitor needed 1.21 gigawatts pronounced jigawatts in Back to the Future and you can learn how to build a replica here.)
  • I have a no-bullshit rule. I won’t make promises of miracle cures or have to testify in front of Congress for my dubious business practices. (I’m looking at you, Dr. Oz!)
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve and f-bombs on my tongue. They coordinate very well.
  • I like giving stuff away.
  • And then there’s this:   I can *almost* guarantee that those other people don’t giggle until they’re breathless–and had to leave a senior college Shakespeare class–because they said “two bras” instead of “two brawls” while reading aloud. 

There is so much more to life than working, sleeping, wash, rinse, repeat.


So much more, but searching for it and actively pursuing it requires courage. “Not battle courage, perhaps, but, I don’t know… a woman’s kind of courage, as Brienne of Tarth  so clumsily put it.

It’s not just a woman’s courage, but the courage of an adventurer committed to letting her boat leave the dock.   


 “A ship in a harbor harbor is safe,  but that is not what ships are built for.”  The quotation has been attributed to several people as shown by quote investigator.

To a certain degree, safety is overrated. It’s what puts us in cubicles during our most valuable time of the day, day after day after day. It’s what keeps us from reaching just a little bit out of our comfort zone. 


It’s what encourages resignation and stagnation, and those are the antitheses of change and growth.

So I do hope you’ll join us as we walk the path of most resistance. It might not be a party, but it’s guaranteed to be…well, something.

Maybe even interesting.

But it’ll be something.  

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