About N J Ray

N J Ray (known by many names, some of which aren’t fit for public  consumption) is a writer, tutor, and small business consultant living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

She writes, curses, and laughs, sprinkling sarcasm, dirty one-liners, useless trivia, and the occasional bit of wisdom wherever she treads

Passionate about critical and creative thinking, the need and value of art, and self-empowerment, she uses her words–mostly–for good to share perspectives, experiences, stories, artists, and business that make the world a better place.

A late bloomer, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2008 from the University of Mississippi, Gulf Park. She studied Literature and won the Howard and Helen Bahr award for her essay exploring the dominance and submission in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

She blogs and is semi-hard at work on her forthcoming novel, Jitterbug Blues:  Mostly True Memoir of Sorts.

About Life 2.0


Everything in life has taken us to where we are now right now in this moment.

Every single experience every SINGLE one has brought us here, now. Both the times we were powerless, feeling trapped with no way out as well as the times we owned our power, a bolt of lightning striking and burning any obstacle in our path paved the way to where we are now.

Every single one of our attempts, no matter if they ended in failure or success, has been a step toward this very point: to the edge of the cliff that calls to us. Every single one of our decisions, good and bad, moved us forward to the here and now.

We, regardless of our uniformity, no matter our creativity, be it suppressed or expressed, have our foot raised, our bag and rose in hand, our companion the dog at our heels, and the sun at our back, preparing for the next step. 

 This is the step:

 The one we’ve been waiting for, the one that we’ve been working toward for so long that we nearly forgot it was coming

This step precedes our leap into the void, into living with purpose, living on purpose.  This step requires that we remove the mask that we have been wearing for far too long, so that we may fall, just as we are, landing upon our path to walk as we truly are, moving toward that which we will be.

This step and this leap are not for the faint of heart, but neither is the path.

As we move forward, we will begin to see what is real and what is false. The false will begin falling away, and we will experience loss. Sometimes we will grieve.

We must lose the false to make room for the real. Again, this journey is not for the faint of heart.

As we explore the real, that stark presence behind the nebulous veil which conceals it, we will face challenges that feel like failures. But we will learn to recognize illusory failure as a setback and keep walking the path.

We will gain resilience.

We will face demons, savage shadows of our own making, and we may bleed. But we will emerge victorious.

We will choose our own paths, and we will succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

Welcome to Life 2.0.

We’re so glad you could join us.


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