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I’m *that* girl—you know, the one that tiptoes the line between merely strange and too weird to take out in public.

It could go either way on any given day.

I write about the fears and freedoms, the beasts as well as beauty, and the love and loneliness that dot the path of the best life ever, all the while living through Rheumatoid Disease. Not despite it, but through it.

I am choosing to not just live with it, not just survive with it, but to thrive with it. To flourish with it and to live my best possible life now.

I am choosing to attain and maintain Glitterfabulosity–an utterly made up word that reflects an awesomeness so awesome that it cannot be measured by standard means of measurement.

It’s that awesome.

Glitterfabulosity—the art of being glitterfabulous—simply is.

I’m an absolute believer in the Spoon Theory. It’s a wonderful piece by Christine Miserandino and you can read it here. I’m still learning a more efficient means of conserving my spoons.

I babble a lot and curse occasionally. Sometimes a bit more than occasionally. And tweet sporadically, usually about whatever shiny object has captured my attention in that particular moment.

Cause shiny objects. And SQUIRRELS!

Also, I know very little about WordPress. It’s always a work in progress.

I’m currently rocking through life with my girlfriend, our two dogs, and one-and-a-half cat.

We tend to curse occasionally.