My holiday wish for you, no matter what your spiritual path is, no matter what you believe–or don’t–I wish you–especially you–enough. Not too much; not too little. But just enough:

Enough love so that you may open to and  connect with all of the love around you and form–or reform–your own tribe. The failures of the past will no longer matter; your previous family–or lack of one–will not define you. These things will not matter,  because you will have enough love to make your cup runneth over. May you have enough love to put out the call to love and watch the miracles unfold before you. May you have enough love.

Enough faith to know that you will find your own way–no matter how lost you feel or how different your path may appear to be. No matter the opinions of others, no matter your previous false starts and dead ends, no matter the stumbles and trips you may experience along the path, no matter the illusions and heartbreaks you have suffered, for these things do not matter. You will find your way. May you have enough faith.

Enough courage to take just one step towards the life of your dreams. And then take just one more step. And just one more. Your fear and previous lack of commitment will not matter, because you will find enough courage for one step. Just one.  And then another. And another. May you achieve just enough of your dreams to encourage you to keep taking just one step. Over and over and over again. May you have enough courage.

Enough vision to see people as how they really are, stripped of fear and all other bullshit. Your past mis-seeing and judgment will not matter, for you will have enough discernment to separate  fear and bitterness, hatefulness and deceit–the things that they have–from the things they truly are. May you also have enough vision to separate those who are ready to occupy space in your life from those who are not. May you have enough vision.

Enough knowledge to know that money is not the only currency you possess. Your creativity and other gifts will support you in ways that you may never see coming.  May you have enough wisdom to never confuse any sort of money–whether it’s hourly pay, the price of an item, or the cost of your services–for value. Your value is immeasurable. May you know that you know that you know, that your value is immeasurable. May you have enough knowledge.

Enough fierceness to fight for and to protect what is yours: your friends and family, your causes, your own self-care and boundaries. May you fight for and protect what is yours without the need to own, to possess, or to control that which is yours. May you have enough fierceness without possession. May you have enough fierceness.

Enough wisdom to put yourself first and practice radical self-care. You must take care of yourself in order to do the things that must be done, whatever those things are.  You and you alone can choose how you show up in the world. In order to choose consciously, you must, must, must be wise enough to take care of yourself. Your self-care is the foundation from which all things rise: make your foundation firm and steady so that your actions will stand.  May you have enough wisdom.

Enough peace, free from ghosts from the past and fears for the future. Enough peace to know that nothing but you can define you. Your current circumstances, the opinions of others, what you have or haven’t done, what you have or don’t have, what hurts you carry, what losses you grieve–none of these things define you.  They may seem like broad, heavy lines within which you must fit, but they are not. Reach a little further. Cross those lines. Find your peace. May you have enough peace.

If peace seems so far beyond your reach that you feel it is impossible, reach out. Call a friend. Invite those who know you into your space.  Pain shared is halved while love shared is doubled–let those who love you help you. Allow them to carry your peace until you can carry it yourself.  If your shame is too great, if you cannot open yourself to a friend, call a stranger.


National Suicide Prevention Hotline


You are loved, whether you realize it or not.  If you cannot allow that love to find you, call the number above. You are so very much needed in this world–you have great things to do, even if you cannot yet envision them, even if you cannot yet see past the darkness that surrounds you.

You are loved. You are needed. Your peace is needed in this world.

Call a friend. Call a stranger.

May you have enough: enough love, enough faith, enough vision, enough knowledge, enough fierceness, and enough wisdom.

This is my wish for you.

They will lead you to enough peace.

Sunday Something: My Wish for You
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Something: My Wish for You

  • December 25, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    May you have all the good things you deserve and then some more

    • December 27, 2016 at 12:37 pm

      You too, my sweet friend. I do believe this will be an extraordinary year for both of us.

      Much love,

  • December 27, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Thank you !!! May we all have Enough, always. This really touched my heart. thank you

    Sat Nam

    • December 29, 2016 at 12:38 pm

      That’s all we really need, isn’t it? Just enough.

      Thank you.

      Much love,


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