Last year, my wish for you was that you may find just enough, this year, I wish for you even less:

Less fear so that you may experience the adventure that is waiting for you. There is so much waiting for you in the great “out there,” but there’s only one way of getting to it—crossing the chasm of  fear.

Less stiffness so that you may be more flexible to whatever comes your way.

Less pain, whether it’s emotional or physical, the loss of a loved one or swollen joints, a break up or mind-shattering headaches, I wish you less pain in all its forms.

Less clutter so that you may enjoy the space between things. Clutter isn’t just stuff; it may be debt clogging up our lives, time sinks stealing our time, or damaging relationships that leave us just a little more fragile (or a lot) than we were before them.

If music is found in the space between notes, as Claude DeBussy said, then peace is found in the space between things, I think.

May we all have a little less of the stuff that works against us so that we may revel in the spaces that do work for us.

That’s where the magic happens, and I believe we could all use a little more magic.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Wishing You Less

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